You are about to buy a home...

If you've just made the decision to launch yourself into the real estate market, you will find that appropriate expectations are critical in ensuring a positive outcome. Coming into this arena thinking that buying a home is fun and easy, may leave you feeling blind-sided. However, if you're well prepared and have realistic expectations, it will help mitigate some of the known inherent challenges and can be a much more pleasant experience. It is also our job to look out for you and to smooth out the turbulent aspects of the adventure.

Back to expectations again - you likely will not be lucky enough to get the first house you fall in love with. However with a skilled Realtor® on your side, you lessen the chances of losing out on a home that is the proverbial Cinderella’s slipper story. This is also one of the benefits of having Shelley Parker + Associates as your agents. Over the years we have developed an excellent network comprised of people who keep us informed of when something special is coming on the market. We are known for being fast-acting and staying on top of the current real estate situation.

Making a list

It is a good idea to make a list of things you consider to be important in your potential new home. Some things come under the heading of ‘must-haves’ ie. if you have two children you need two bathrooms and so on. Then there are the not so critical things like a mud-room, however back to the two children part… you may want that mud-room after all. There are other aspects that may not work with your existing budget and again this is where we can help you to determine what is best suited for your investment dollars.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

It is essential, if you are ready to buy, to get a financing pre-approval before beginning to seek out your dream home, as the seller will immediately and obviously gravitate towards the qualified buyer whose financing is in place. This is especially relevant in an aggressive market. It boils down to having a quality offer to present so that your offer is accepted. We will provide you with a list of local mortgage lenders which are commonly referred in our area to help.

Portfolio of houses

We will build a portfolio of properties that match the buyer's criteria in a home, for the buyer to review and determine whether they would like to see the properties.  The platform of this portfolio enables the buyer to be kept informed of property details such as the number of days on market, price adjustments, changes to the property information and ultimately what the actual selling price for a property is, when it sells.  This will give them a comfort level and the confidence of the market when it comes time for them to make an offer on a house or property.

Buyers: we won’t waste your time with unsuitable options

Our approach to real estate when you are our client, is not to overwhelm you with multiple external real estate listings so that you have to make your own choices without our help and guidance. Instead we work with you to determine what would be a suitable home or property, then we will go and find a match and come and present you with options. Options that will work for you. It's the quality vs quantity approach.