What to expect when selling your home

We have the experience to guide you in the real estate process so that you can obtain the maximum return. Selling a home can be a major financial undertaking. If you want to achieve the most on your original investment, chances are you may have to apply a bit more capital to ensure it is worth the investment from the buyers viewpoint.

Replacing that 70’s shag rug which has captured who knows what over the last half century, makes total sense. Or the olive green appliances… Check out these great tips with the HGTV channel in an article about the top 10 tips in selling your house. Another great common-sense article from Forbes Magazine: 21 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Selling

For an investment of $5000- $10,000 suddenly the appeal of your house has potentially gone up another $30,000. Shelley and her associates will help guide you so that it works best for you. We want happy clients and if you recommend us to your friends then we have done our job properly.

We operate with transparency in all of our transactions. When a seller lists a house with us, we feel it’s important to review both its' assets and deficits in a honest and open way. We value our clients highly and treat them with respect on both sides of the coin - both buyer and seller.

When you sign an agreement with us, we are legally bound to a fiduciary relationship. In other words, we are giving our word that we are acting in our clients' best interests rather than our own.


We handle the details such showcasing the home to potential buyer's agents  and playing phone tag to set up viewings. If we have current buyers who may be suited to buying your home, we will guide those buyers in the right direction. 

We take care of answering the myriad of questions posed by potential buyers and their agents and will work to keep their interest if they feel your house might be right for them.

We help reduce the potential headaches – for example, over the years we have learned how to minimize the number of no-shows by properly qualifying prospective buyers. This means you don’t waste time making the house look lovely just to find that the supposed interested party doesn’t show up.

Navigating the rough seas

It can be murky - these deep waters of real estate transactions. It can also be rough seas at times, and many sellers (and buyers) are taken aback by the emotional nature of what is ostensibly the biggest deal of their lifetime. But when you’ve raised a family in your house, or you are dealing with the loss of a partner, and having to sell, it is essential to have the support of a realtor who cares for more than the financial outcome of the sale. We have many clients whom we have helped make this passage a far more pleasant journey. When you meet us you will understand why.

The resources we bring to the table

When you list our house with us, it comes with the understanding that we will use all of our resources which includes past experience and knowledge – to ensure you are thoroughly well presented in all aspects related to a successful home sale.

Fair Market Evaluation: We go through your home with you, examining the details critically so that we have the information we will need to help you craft a fair market evaluation. Our job at this stage is to highlight the homes features and also the upgrades. Having a thorough understanding of the property helps us sell it for you and once we've written up a detailed market analysis it will give you a clear idea of what you can expect from the outset.

Upgrade Recommendations: Parker Real Estate will make recommendations concerning repairs and improvements with the end goal in mind of getting the best possible price for your asset.

Staging and Curb Appeal: You can expect us to advise you on all that we are familiar with through years of experience - how to create "curb appeal" for your house, how to use home staging successfully to expedite the sale and also help you with your list of things that will need to be done to get your home in top shape for viewing.

Marketing: We come up with creative ads and place them strategically to get the most interest in your property. We use a number of marketing vehicles that are available, and do much more than simply pound in an MLS sign and leave it to a system already overwhelmed with listings, to make the sale for you.

Photography: One of our stand-out features is the level of photography of our seller's houses. We spare no expense to get the best photos as this will make all the difference for a quick sale.

Social Media: Promoting your house is one of the things we do best - and social media is a premiere platform for doing so. We are currently working on bringing our unique system to the next level with some creative and clever means of telling your story.

Lock Box: If it suits the seller, we can offer them the option of an on-sight lock box that is computerized (and unbreakable), which allows for immediate pre-arranged showings by any realtors who have access to this system.

Number crunchers: It is critical to price your home so that it appears to the buyer to be listed at the appropriate price. If you have priced it too high, it could end up being unsold for too long a period of time which results in it being potentially stigmatized.

Buyers are suspicious when a house hasn’t moved and the listing is over 30 days old - they assume there is something wrong with it. Then the seller has to make a huge drop in price in order to sell it and their initial strategy has backfired. Pricing it too low can also backfire - people assume that it is only worth the list price.

Our goal is to get you the highest and best price coupled with the most advantageous terms of an offer. We recognize that you as a seller will obtain quotes from other realtors. We think this is to both our advantages as you then can assess your house in terms of fair market evaluation in terms of price. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to show our talents on a number of levels.

Sellers: we will make your listing stand out

As a real estate seller: If you are selling your property and you'd like an idea of how much effort and care we would put into your own listing, check out our individual property details sections for other client examples.