My name is Shelley Parker and I will be your advantage
when it comes to real estate!


I am passionate about bringing buyers and sellers together.

Born and raised in Summerland and also raising my family here, my knowledge of the Okanagan is as home-grown as it gets. I love the Okanagan Valley - it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The unique little enclave that stands out in the valley, is Summerland – it’s small, without being small town, it’s staggeringly beautiful in all four seasons.

When someone is looking for a home in Summerland or the surrounding area, I am passionate about finding them that hidden gem that suits them and their family to the core. I know where to look and who to talk to to find them. I always negotiate with my clients best interests at the forefront.

It’s the same when working for the seller. It’s about bringing two parties together and making it happen. My promise to them is to get them the best outcome possible. This is why I am in real estate. For me the fulfillment of that promise is the ultimate in job satisfaction.


Summerland, BC

A place in the sun

As the name suggests, Summerland is a place of beauty and peace, where life is a whole lot slower than in a big city. Slower and more contented.

Summerland has wineries that produce some spectacular wine, which has not gone unnoticed in international wine competitions. Summerland also has a very long and lovely lake that is said to be host to ancient mythological creatures with native names like Ogopogo - and stories abound in regards to sightings which delights visitors.

Summerland has beauty in abundance, a steam train built in 1912 that still runs to the delight of tourists, peaceful beaches that are never overcrowded, and it also has some very good food. The town is a destination that when one reaches it, it feels like a reward for having been very good up until that point…

If you are thinking of moving out of the lower Mainland, or making the move from the prairies, you really can't find a more perfect place than Summerland. You can have a glass of local wine at any of the eateries or nearby wineries themselves, or you can enjoy tapas and other fine fare at the local bistros and just contemplate what it means to be living in this perfect haven called Summerland.


South Okanagan

Surrounding towns delightful

The South Okanagan and in particular the towns of Penticton, Naramata, Kaleden and Okanagan Falls are all in close proximity to Summerland. All of these towns offer something special and unique in their own way. We have overviews of each of them to help make your real estate decisions easier. Check out our galleries and listings pages for information.

If you'd like more information on any aspects of these areas - we would be happy to put together an information package, that will be specifically suited to you. Call or write us with your questions.