An overview of each of our real estate markets: Summerland, Penticton, Naramata, Kaleden and Okanagan Falls.

We would like to be your guide in all things Okanagan and you will find we have a lot to offer. We have put together some general information and observations (see below) so that you can get a better picture of the areas in which we represent both property buyers and sellers, before visiting the Okanagan. There's no point in planning a move here from the wet climate of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, if for example you aren't fond of a dry, warm climate. Or conversely you might just be wanting to escape all that moss and rain and the South Okanagan which is the driest area in North America due to it being a desert – might be perfect for you and your family.

Have a look at the descriptives of each of the towns listed below – in which Parker Real Estate lists and sells properties and see what you think. We will be here to give you feedback as to which town might be the most suitable based on what you tell us.

We also have galleries with photos of each of the towns/ regions in which we do real estate business so that you can get a better idea of what the terrain looks like.

If you'd like to talk to us about listing or potential listings in Summerland, Penticton, Naramata, Kaleden and Okanagan Falls we would be delighted to meet with you. Give Shelley or Blaine a call today at 1-250-490-6302 to find out how we can help.


Summerland, BC

Summerland's landscapes from various viewpoints appear to depict some sort of fantasy land and visitors are astounded that mortals actually get to live in this town that is known as Summerland, BC. Seriously, it is the stuff of legends - legends that involve a very old stream train, a trestle troll and an expired volcano.

That volcano is called Giant's Head Mountain and a hike is well worth the effort once you have arrived at the viewing spot at the very top. Look for the flagpole and you'll know you made it. A 360 degree view that includes a large expanse of the lake is often completely breathtaking depending on what type of day it is weather wise. A bike ride down the Giant's Head winding road with it's many vantage points is also a real treat after making it up the steep grade to the top.

The Summerland Steam Train and the Garnett Valley Gang train robbers are well known, with camera crews coming from various parts of North America to record the robberies which occur 14 times each season. Kids love this re-enactment of the wild west shenanigans and the authenticity of the riders with their home made garb is enough to cause wardrobe envy for any big budget Hollywood western productions. Summerlanders are ultimately very proud of their steam train locomotive number 3716 and their band of naughty robbers who are often seen hauling horse trailers through town.

Trout Creek and it's deep canyon is topped off with a lovely trestle bridge that the old train traverses every day in the summer - making this a popular attraction to 30,000 people plus each year. Tourists and Summerlanders alike can end a day of train hopping or hiking, with a barbecue on Powell Beach with good friends, and a bottle of the best local vino. Ah yes, this is indeed the life.

Summerland is another town, (like Kaleden) that is far enough from the big city that you can still hear the coyotes howling at night under the trestle bridge, and the crickets are creating a lively cacophony in the town's gardens and hedges. Summerland is a lovely place to end up where you can find a small and cozy home or a grand beachfront property. Choices are plenty in this magical township.

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Penticton, BC

Penticton with a population of 33,700, translated from the Okanagan language means "a place to stay forever". You might want to once you sample the city's beaches and nearby wineries. Penticton is at the southernmost tip of Okanagan Lake.

The Naramata Bench is right near Penticton, and is dotted with wineries, and vineyards, and many fruit bearing orchards.

The town is known for it's excellent restaurants that support the wine industry in a way, as wineries bring a good number of tourists to this area each year. If you have a hankering for good sushi for example - there is one of the best sushi places in North America (in our opinion) at the North End of Skaha Lake at 3480 Skaha Lake Road. Kojo Sushi is a cosmopolitan spot and could be set anywhere from Vancouver to New York. In fact they started out in Sun Valley, Idaho and in every town in which they opened up shop, their establishment became a favourite. 

Penticton is a town where finding a place like Kojo is not an unusual experience. There is Front Street Brasserie down on the picturesque Front Street and the town also hosts a lot of great spots like Earl's and a local favourite pizza place called Bad Tattoo. Bad Tattoo makes their own beer as well and have become known for being a fun and rowdy restaurant (although no bar fights reported as yet).

Penticton now also has the first winery to be right in downtown area - Time Winery owned by Harry McWatters - original founder of Sumac Ridge Winery.

Alternatively if you are looking for a cheap beer and to be surrounded by characters then the Decoy Tavern is your type of place. Bit rough but great for people watching. Stu the lunch guy makes some seriously good sandwiches and soups and a combo won't cost you more than 6 bucks. Love this spot.

Penticton's beaches are well known and on any given sunny summer day - they are another spot for great people watching. After a leisurely day in the sun a visit to the funky Patio Burger which is beachside, at the northend of Penticton, is a must.

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Kaleden, BC

Kaleden's low rolling hills give it the aesthetic of being almost a Swiss village and the drive down Lakehill Road towards the main cluster of houses, adds to the visual with it's tidy vineyards and orchards.

This small enclave with it's population of 1,224 is a short distance from Penticton (16 K) so is ideally located for those who work in Penticton. Kaleden is at the south end of Okanagan's Skaha Lake and was originally established in the early 1900's as a fruit growing area. Many are familiar with the "Kaleden Cots" which originated from this area.

Although Kaleden is somewhat of a small community, it has it's own school and is also home to the stunning Linden Gardens which is now predominantly in use as a wedding venue. There is also a famous old hotel from 1910, which was left standing as an old outside wall which gets a lot of use as a photography backdrop, in part due to it's attractive shape and immense size, but also due to it's close proximity to the beach.

Kaleden is a lovely spot to vacation in the summer and the Ponderosa Point with its 26 summer cabins and private beaches, is a popular spot to stay. The resort has 7 acres of landscaped grounds where guests can play tennis, basketball, or beach volleyball or they can adventure out onto the lake in boats such as canoes, kayak, paddle board and rowboat - which belong to the resort.

If you are looking for bedroom communities close to Penticton then Kaleden is a must-see township.

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Naramata, BC

The Okanagan is the perfect place in Canada to further the business of ‘haute gastronomie’ – it is not by accident that there are only three towns in Canada with ‘Slow Food’ or ‘Cittaslow’ accreditation and one of them is right across the lake from Summerland; the town of Naramata. People from the city who are yearning for a simplified, less hurried and more easily appreciated lifestyle, soon find themselves looking at places like Naramata in the somewhat soporific Okanagan with it's vineyards, gorgeous skies and miles-long lake.

Naramata is a community of approximately 2000 people in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. This pretty little village which has some of the tallest and oldest trees in the Okanagan is situated on the southeast shore of Lake Okanagan, north of Penticton. It is a town that hosts one of the leftovers of the 1900's in that it has a general store that sells practically everything you can think of. On the edge of the northernmost reaches of the Sonoran desert, Naramata is situated in Canada's only semi-desert region.

If you are looking for a home in a visually lovely very small town, Naramata is a good place look, especially if you are outdoorsy. The town is centred around healthy lifestyles in part due to the proximity to so many fruit and vegetable growers and considering that it is surrounded by fertile agricultural lands. The region also has a network of bike trails so that you can go for hours on your bike, including up to the Kettle Valley Trail which runs right through a big tunnel carved out of the mountain.

The town of Naramata itself, which is right on the lake has one of the most picturesque hotels in the area - the Naramata Inn which was built in 1908. Now more than 100 years old!

Hillside Winery is one of the more known wineries in the area - with it’s massive wooden building three tall stories high topped by a bell tower. Built in the 90’s by Vera Klockoka, who was a pioneer in the wine industry Vera was also integral in creating the Farm Gate Policy.

One of the benefits of living in Naramata is that the surrounding farmland is in the ALR - which was a measure brought in in the 1970’s for food security reasons. Thanks to some forward thinking bureaucrats, Naramata now retains the lovely character by which it has become defined and it offers some of the most stunning views in the Okanagan region.

Houses in the Naramata area used to be even better than reasonably priced, however the popularity of the Naramata Bench which is now becoming as well known to wine aficionados as Napa Valley, is beginning to see this new-found interest reflected in property prices. However, if you know where to look...

Ask Shelley to take you on a tour of the area - you will be amazed at the number of wineries, and orchards but most of all you will be struck by the Naramata Bench's stunning views.

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Okanagan Falls, BC

Okanagan Falls (also known as OK Falls or Dog Town) is a community located on the south end of Skaha Lake in British Columbia. Originally named Dogtown, which came from the name Dog Lake ("skaha" means "dog" in the Okanagan language), the name was later changed to reflect the falls that used to lie on the Okanagan River at the outlet of the lake. Guessing that tourist appeal might have something to do with the name change.

One of the most acclaimed research stations in the world happens to be right near the town of OK Falls - it is the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, a research facility founded in the 1960’s. The observatory grounds house three massive and very impressive instruments – a radio telescope, a 26-m single-dish antenna, and a solar flux monitor. It also houses some of the brightest minds in North America in the support engineering labs as they work out some of the inter-galactic puzzles and mysteries.

From an article on Summerland Online Magazine is the following:
“A quiet valley on the outskirts of Penticton is a place ideal for peering out into the cosmos. It is here, in this radio-protected area, that the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO) has the perfect conditions for surveying the skies using state-of-the-art radio technology. In their facility, a top-flight team of scientists and engineers are consistently at work expanding our understanding of the universe. The site is a breeding ground for numerous projects at the forefront of cutting-edge astronomical research and development. In an exciting exposé of innovative experimentation, they are spearheading initiatives that benefit the astronomical community and scientific exploration at large, whilst transforming our cosmic vision. The DRAO is digging into potent territory; looking into areas of research that could shatter the bounds of what we know, and deliver empirical boons that could literally transform the world of Astronomy.”

Wow - well that is impressive for us mere earthlings. Well worth a visit and in the month of August when the heavens are alive with the Perseid Showers, the facility generously opens up the gates at night for visitors to come and camp out in this ‘dark sky space’ so that viewing the meteors streaking across the sky, is a fun and worthwhile experience.

Like most towns in the Okanagan, OK Falls is also surrounded by lovely wineries, vineyards and old barns as well as being in close proximity to the stunning White Lake area which is like some backdrop to an old western movie, with long stretches of lonely road set in amongst some breathtaking landscape. In fact it is at the north east end of the lake where the DRAO is situated - giving this an even stranger visual as you round a curve in the road and your vision is eclipsed by the facility's monster telescopes.

In terms of real estate there are some reasonably priced acreages in and around Ok Falls. At the south end of the town, a lovely river runs off the dam at the end of Skaha Lake, meandering through vineyards and more orchards which comprises so much of the Okanagan properties.

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Header image of Zoë Jacoe and Keenan Thrussell photographed at Summerland's Giant Head Winery